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Growing Your Business with Creativity

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Growing Your Business with Creativity

Businesses usually change as they grow; it’s rare that a successful business will be operating in the exact same way that it did when it first opened. The reason for this is that great business owners are creative – they keep an eye open looking for opportunities that their business can grow into. This is business creativity – and this guide will show you how to use that type of creativity to reliably grow your business.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

It’s remarkable how many brilliant inventions came into being while their creators were trying to make something else entirely. However, what made these iconic inventions successful products is that their creators realised that they worked for an entirely different purpose. Play-Doh, the famous children’s toy, was originally made as a chimney cleaner – when its inventor realised it was more popular as a toy than a cleaning product, they made a pivot with their business, and started selling to parents with children.

Your business can do the same! If your customers are using your product in a way that you hadn’t imagined, don’t worry; this is just a new opportunity presenting itself!

Keep Developing

You might have a product that is an absolute hit that your customers love. That’s fantastic – but don’t let it stop you from creating, as well. Trends come and go, and it’s important that your business has multiple streams of revenue coming in for the sake of its longevity. Even if you only sell one item, try selling different versions, colours, or even try selling accessories! This type of product development will allow your business to grow in different directions.

Your Customers are Your Best Resource

Your customers will give you incredibly helpful feedback when it comes to your business – listen to what they say, and try and build in that direction. If they ask for a version of your product in a certain material, explore whether it’s feasible! If they consistently comment that shipping is slow, look into alternative ways of delivering your product.

The comments will be different, but the common thread remains: listen to your customers, and try to give them what they want.

Accept Limitations

You don’t have the resources that a massive company has, so don’t try to match them in every way. Accepting the limitations that your business exists within forces you to make smart choices with the materials and resources that you have available to you. Often, this focused approach will allow you to innovate more quickly!

Grow with Your Business

Your business will change, and it should! Running a successful business is a journey, not a destination – what you do day-to-day will materially affect how successful you’ll be, and so it’s important that as your business grows, that so do your ambitions.

There is always room for improvement, and so examine everything with a constructive eye: “What can I improve about this aspect of my business?” By consciously making an effort to improve, your business’ performance will natural improve over time.

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