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Getting Extra Help: How to Bring in Your Community

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Getting Extra Help: How to Bring in Your Community

As a business owner, one problem that’s pretty fantastic to have is when the demand for your product vastly exceeds your capacity to make and deliver it.

This happens to many businesses during several holiday periods throughout the year, most notably the Christmas shopping season. Having tons of demand for your product is obviously a great problem to have, but if you’re unable to fulfill the orders you take in, this poses a risk to your business’ reputation in the long run – it’s time to bring on some extra support.

Whether it’s friends, family, or part-time staff, this guide will show you how you can use community support in order to help your business thrive.

Where do you need the most help?

Is packaging and shipping eating up all your time? Perhaps it’s your business’ bookkeeping, or even answering e-mails. Identifying where your time deficits exist is the first step in getting some extra help.

Time savings in any area will help you during periods of high demand, so if you can get help in any area – take it! Also, be sure that where you bring in extra help, that your new supporters can actually do the work independently, and with confidence. It’s best that tasks be kept simple, clear and repeatable – this way, there will be less need for you to check in frequently.

Accept the help you can get!

‘Perfect’ is the enemy of ‘well enough’. Don’t turn away help that is offered when you need it just because they aren’t the perfect person who can cover all of your bases.

Instead, look for ways in which they CAN help – even basic tasks taken out of your hands will free up your time for you to handle more complex tasks. Every bit helps, so be open to accepting any offers of help you can get!

Don’t be afraid to take on new employees

New staff are a big cost to take on for a small business – but you may find that paid staff are worth the cost as business gets busy.

Paid staff will be more dedicated, available and familiar with the goings on of your business. These factors can increase productivity significantly, and this may justify the cost. Don’t be afraid of floating job descriptions on a temporary or ‘casual’ basis – many people look for exactly this type of work. Just be open and communicate about exactly what you have in mind before hiring.

Call on Trusted Relationships

When you’re just starting out in your business, you’ll be surprised to see how members of your community can help. Not only friends and family, who may be willing to lend a hand as you launch your business. Other figures, such as local business councils and other complementary businesses are resources where you can build relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Be Adaptable

In busy periods, your needs will shift rapidly. If you accidentally stumble upon a business relationship or community connection that is really working for your business – integrate it into your strategy!

Businesses that are nimble, and quickly incorporate great ideas are those that can succeed in moments of stress. Keep an eye out for what’s working with your business, and be open to change.

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