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Growing Your Sales, Step by Step

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Growing Your Sales, Step by Step

Every business owner wants to grow their sales, whether that’s measured in the number of products that they sell, or simply by the amount of revenue that their business generates. But getting started can be intimidating, particularly in the earlier days of a business. This guide will give you some stepping stones on growing your sales, bit by bit.

Expand your Product Lines

Take a deep dive on your business analytics, and figure out which o your items are selling the best. This is a great indicator of what comes next: the areas where you should expand your product lines.

Having more products to sell is very likely to increase the amount of revenue that your business takes in, if these added products are based on what already makes your business successful.

Create a schedule for how often you’ll create and list new products for your customers to view – and try to stick to this schedule. It can be challenging at first, but you’ll find that as your product range grows, so too will your sales.

Expand your Customer Base

One thing that holds back many small businesses is that they stay local – ignoring a massive overseas market that may love their products. Selling internationally can be logistically challenging at first, and this is a large part of why small business owners tend to shy away from global sales. However, carefully planning a global rollout of your products is a natural path to growth for your business, so don’t be so intimidated by the process that you never start.

Research what payment and shipping options will make international sales easiest, and put a plan in place to make it happen!

Improve your Marketing Materials

In our marketing guide, we outline the best practices to sharing great material about your products with your customers. One thing that business owners tend to forget is to go back and improve their marketing as they become more experienced business owners.

You’ll find that your earliest marketing may not be your best, or that new marketing opportunities have arrived! We recommend freshening up these materials so that they are always engaging your customers.

Additionally, review the quality of your product photos – these too, are often an area that more experienced business owners can improve in, and you’ll find that the returns from having amazing photographs of your products are enormous. Truly, this can be one of the easiest ways to grow your sales later on – often, professional photography is worth it!

Always Pay Attention!

Carefully watch and learn from your business. If you’re closely keeping track of your sales, costs and customer feedback, you’ll have a very clear picture of which products are working, where your profits are coming from, and what your customers want more of. Having this sort of business sense is really important to your business’ growth. Analyze this information each month, and take notes on what has changed, and where more improvements can be made.

Celebrate each success that you find – this is the most satisfying part of being a small business owner!

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