Why sell on Spotz?

Spotz is a marketplace to help you sell your products – but it’s also about you too!

There you are – working your bum off to make this business succeed, while also trying to feed, soothe, and manage your kids, be affectionate to your partner, tackle your daily to-do list, and – oh yeah – somehow blossom as a happy, fulfilled woman who has full control over her sanity.

Spotz is a marketplace to help you sell your products

But is it possible to achieve all that?!

Many of us want to have a business and earn money on our own terms but we know the entrepreneurial journey can sometimes feel lonely. At Spotz, we are definitely not only a marketplace, we are also a growing community of Mums – and by choosing to sell your products with us, you’re joining a supportive community of fellow Australian Mums who value you and will show their support by buying from you.

As a vendor, you also have plenty more opportunities to…

  • Expand your customer reach to like-minded Mums, without paying a cent until you make a sale
  • Commission fee is just 9% + GST on sales
  • Get your business promoted, without moving a finger or investing a cent because at Spotz we invest heavily in marketing to promote our store owners (and their amazing products!) to give you that extra (but gentle) kickstart to more sales
  • Brand your e-shop, with your logo and cover image
  • Support charities, with Spotz automatically donating a percentage from every transaction to fellow Mums in need
  • Get access to uplifting content, including articles, videos, and podcasts, filled with advice and information to help grow your business
Watching You - Limited Edition Art Print

Together, we’ll ensure you receive all the support you need to reach your full potential – while wearing your multiple ‘hats’ as a mother, businesswoman, and wonderful human. It’s okay, we’ve got your back!

It’s time to connect the dots and join the Spotz tribe by clicking on the button below !

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