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Why sell on Spotz?

To create a world where mothers matter

Spotz is the marketplace for mothers who created their business to thrive!

Spotz is a marketplace to help you sell your products

In a world where economic growth is paramount, mothers are deemed less productive and as a result their role isn’t properly valued. This lack of recognition is the root cause of the countless cascading symptoms, ingrained in our society. Spotz is a social business who wants to show the incredible value mothers provide to society. All our mum-vendors are living examples of this value and we are super proud to display their contribution through this marketplace!

As a vendor, you also have plenty opportunities to…

  • Expand your customer reach to like-minded Mums, without paying a cent until you make a sale. Commission fee is just 13% on sales for products and services (9% commission fees + GST + Banks fees).
  • Get your business promoted, without moving a finger or investing a cent because at Spotz we invest heavily in marketing to promote our business mums (and their amazing products or services!) to give you that extra (but gentle) kickstart to more sales
  • Get access to resources to help your business to thrive, with our articles for sellers (Articles & Guides for Spotz Marketplace Sellers), blog, podcasts and very soon our mentorship program!
Watching You - Limited Edition Art Print

It’s time to connect the dots and join the Spotz tribe!

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