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Shopping, Shipping and Spotz

So, you’ve found the perfect item on the Spotz marketplace – or two, or three perfect items! With the range of brilliant business owners that operate on our platform, it’s never really a surprise to see that customers have found a bunch of things that they can’t wait to have in their homes. But how does it work, once you’ve gotten to the shipping stage? This guide will explain the shipping process with Spotz, and how it affects you as our valued customer.

The Spotz Structure:

What makes Spotz so unique is that it’s a platform specifically designed for talented small business owners who make brilliant products, often completely on their own. It’s what makes us distinct from massive online companies like Amazon – we’re able to give our customers a chance to interact with small business owners who offer genuinely artisanal products, and vice-versa for the owners of budding businesses! This means that for small but growing independent businesses, they have a chance to offer their products in a way where they retain a high degree of control as to their designs, marketing and pricing – unlike as is the case for much larger platforms.

Part of this is that when you make a purchase from a small business owner through the Spotz platform, the logistics of shipping are handled by the Seller, not Spotz itself. There are a few advantages of this – the lack of warehousing and shipping allows us to offer lower item costs to our end users, as you’re not paying for the ‘shipping infrastructure’. It also means that Sellers have more freedom to choose how they ship – whether this means faster shipping, or ecologically friendly packaging materials, the sellers and buyers have a greater degree of freedom as to how products are sent to their buyers.

You might notice one small drawback, however: when you make purchases from several different Spotz sellers at once, this means that each Seller will incur their own shipping costs. This is just a reality of empowering small businesses, who aren’t able to sell everything under the sun – instead, they focus only on the things that they are truly good at! At the end of the day, this means that you can be assured that the business making your item is a specialist and is genuinely knowledgeable in their product lines. You’ll also notice that certain sellers have different policies for returns and shipping. Again, this reflects the diversity of products on our platform – a seller of books will necessarily have different shipping practices than a maker of delicate glassware.

Spotz works hard to ensure that we can offer the best digital stores to our customers, and that our buying experience is of high quality throughout the experience. If you’re thinking of doing a big shop through Spotz, see if there’s a way of bundling your purchases, so that you can be cost-efficient with shipping fees! We always recommend checking out each store’s policy on shipping prices and returns prior to your purchase, to ensure the best experience possible.

As always, if you have questions, comments or suggestions – send us an e-mail, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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