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Handle Your Own PR (Ticker News)

Oriane Juncker, who is doing the Handle Your Own PR Accelerator program, is the CEO and Founder of Spotz – A Mums to Mums Marketplace.

Last week she was interviewed on Ticker News about her business and why she set it up. Her first TV interview for the business!

I’m so thrilled for her. She is really trying to effect change for Mums who have products to sell, and she’s very passionate about her Mums Manifesto!

Watch the full interview here:

The one thing every successful business creator needs. The answer might surprise you

The one thing every successful business creator needs. The answer might surprise you (Flying Solo)

Creating a new business takes time, effort and money. But too often people overlook the one critical element of success – the soul. Hard work without a soul is like a car without a steering wheel, writes Oriane Juncker.


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Meet Oriane Juncker, Entrepreneur And Founder Of Online Marketplace ‘Spotz’.

Meet Oriane Juncker, Entrepreneur and Founder Of Online Marketplace ‘Spotz’.

Oriane is a highly ambitious and passionate entrepreneur and the founder of Spotz – a mum-to-mum marketplace that empowers small business owner mums by enabling them to earn money on their own terms when selling their products and services on the platform.


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