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Taking Pictures that Sell Your Products

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Taking Pictures that Sell Your Products

No matter what kinds of products you sell in your online business, your photographs are critically important! The internet is a visual medium, and because buyers can’t physically interact with your goods, they rely on the photographs you display. Research shows that photographs are the most important factor in buyers’ decision whether or not to make purchases online. If you provide them with excellent photographs, odds are the more of them will buy your product!

Clarity is king. Buyers want to ensure that the product they’re looking to buy is exactly the right fit for them. That’s why your photographs need to show the textures, colours and features that make it an excellent purchase. Think about the last time you bought something online – what did you look at? It’s likely that you examined the details – whether the materials looked to be of good quality, the style was to your taste, and if you felt confident that it was exactly what you needed. This is why quality photos are so important – they give buyers a feeling of comfort shopping in your store for goods they can’t see in person. But how can that feeling of trust and comfort be built with photos?


Don’t just take a haphazard photo of your products wherever – plan ahead! You’ll need a place where the lighting is good, the background is free of distractions, and your product’s details can be visible. Think in advance: ‘What do I want to show most to my customers?’ Then, plan your photos around that aspect.


It’s tempting to think that a particular corner of your desk is ‘the perfect place to shoot my candles’, but it might not be the best background for other products! The problem here is that buyers like to see consistency in the photos – if the background for one item is of a particular colour or theme, it’s probably the case that all of your items should be displayed in the same way. Visually, organisation is soothing, and easier on the eyes. So, try starting with a simple white background for all items.


Lighting, too, should be consistent. Consider investing in a ‘light box’ for shooting your items – a miniature studio that will perfectly light the item being shot. It’s an investment that will pay off considerably when all of your photos come out perfectly!

Consider your ‘Style’

Jewellery will be photographed in a different way than outdoor furniture, or sweaters, or books. Before you start, consider whether a studio shot in your lightbox (focused up-close) is best, or whether a lifestyle photo (as part of a larger environment) would be best. If you’re showing utility items like shoes, maybe shots of both are best – buyers can then see the details of your product, as well as what they look ‘in the wild’!

The Takeaway:

Ultimately, remember that great photographs that drive sales are ultimately reflective of conscious choices. Plan well in advance, and spend the time taking excellent photographs. These investments of time and money will pay off in spades for your small business!

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