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Finding Balance: Juggling your Online Commerce with your ‘Normal’ Job

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Finding Balance: Juggling your Online Commerce with your ‘Normal’ Job

So many online sellers have had the entrepreneurial itch for a while, but couldn’t (or can’t) figure out a way to integrate a new business into their life – especially if they’re holding down a day job at the same time. This guide will explain how it’s possible for you to thrive and grow your business, while managing the responsibilities of your 9-5.

Jobs are hard. We all know it; they consume our time at a stunning pace, and it’s an all-too familiar tale that at the end of the work day, most people just want to crash into the sofa and rest. But, with a little finesse, it’s completely possible for you to launch your online business, and still manage to deliver the goods at work. Here’s how it can be done:

Organisation, Organisation, Organisation!

This is the more obvious ‘eat your vegetables’ part of our advice here – if you want to find the time for your business, you have to make the time. This means developing a solid structure for organising your time. Whether you’re a digital guru and use a product like Google Calendar, or an old-school salesman with a leather day planner – you need to commit to a single, comprehensive way of measuring your time. ‘Eyeballing’ it won’t work – you need a system.

Cut out the ‘Fluff’

No, you don’t need to watch the Big Bang theory to unwind after work, or to spend an evening going to a neighbour’s house for a ‘filler’ social event – skip it, and dedicate that time to your business’s ‘To Do’ list that you’ve built. You know, the one that’s next to your day planner.
Once you start to really measure what you need to be doing in life, it’s kind of amazing how much time is dedicated to unnecessary time-wasters. This is your life’s Fluff, and you need to get rid of it, as soon as possible. If you watch an hour of TV everyday, think of it this way: What could you accomplish in your business with an extra 365 hours this year? If you were wondering, that’s 45 eight-hour days of working time… lost. Forever! Ditch the TV remote and slippers.

Seek out teammates and partners

Find people in your life whose interests align with yours, and build time management partnerships. Do you share a responsibility with somebody? See if you can work out a schedule where you do the work on certain days, but not on others – this will clear up uninterrupted blocks of time in your schedule that you can dedicate to your business. For example, if you are the caregiver to children, offer to babysit a friend’s children one night a week in exchange for a night away from the kids on another night. These time blocks can be really productive!

Little Bits Add Up!

If you can check off a few simple tasks while you’re having your morning coffee, or call a client while you’re in the car commuting to work – do it! Eliminating smaller tasks during small ‘empty’ periods in your day can be massively productive. This way, when you have time set aside for the big stuff, you can get right to it!

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