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Change is the hardest thing in the world – but is it?

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Have you noticed to what extreme lengths we humans go to avoid change?
The sort of situations we put up with just so we don’t have to change?
We will even convince ourselves that change isn’t really necessary in order to avoid it.Some examples?
We consume way more resources than the earth can possibly grow back – but hey, let’s just continue, because not to receive free plastic bags at the checkout is such a hassle.
We’re stuck in loveless or downright abusive relationships, but it’s easier to blame the other than to leave.
We hate our employer, but better the devil you know, right?
We don’t like our life, but with enough alcohol (or drugs, gambling, porn, fill in the blanks) it becomes bearable – and it is so much easier to drink than to change it…

So often we become stuck in a rut, and instead of investing our time, money and energy into changing our life into a better one, we use the same time, money and energy to make the unbearable bearable.

Remember the relief you feel after you’ve done something you really dreaded?
Remember thinking that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be?

What you invest into change will bear fruit, whereas investing into making/keeping a situation bearable is investing into a stalemate.

What are you really fed up about in your life?
Which areas of your life do you want to change?
What price do you pay by putting off change?
What can you do, today, this week, this month, to change it?

And most importantly, if you’re not doing anything about it: what is keeping you stuck?

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