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The 2-minute mindfulness recipe

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This is the easiest recipe you’ll ever follow – and makes a real difference if practised daily:

Take your cup of tea or coffee, whichever you like – at work, at home, it doesn’t matter.

Sit down with it.

Feel the heat of the mug.

Smell your brew.

Look at the colour of the mug, of your table, of your drink.

Notice the sounds around you, but don’t listen to them.

Now drink it, feel the heat in your mouth, taste the aroma unfolding. Repeat.

What you’ve just done, in under 2 minutes, is coming fully into the present moment, using your five senses. Doing this, even for such a short time, physically signals your body that you are not in any danger, causing it to slow down and reverse any stress that may be present.

For all those who, like me, can’t empty their minds enough to meditate, this is a wonderful little exercise to get all the benefits of mindfulness, without the tediousness/stress of “getting meditation right” or “thinking of nothing”.

Do it every time you have tea or coffee during the day – though it works with fizzy drinks too, with the added bonus of listening to the bubbles – and hop, you’ve done some 10-15 minutes of mindfulness.

No need to thank me 🙂 just forward it on to whoever you think needs it!

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