Transitioning to Motherhood: The Essential Guide to Postpartum Wellbeing


Transitioning to Motherhood: The Essential Guide to Postpartum Wellbeing is an online program for expecting and new Mums to prepare for and adjust to motherhood. Learn how to care for yourself whilst you care for your baby so that you can flourish as a mother. 

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Whilst you’re happy to have your baby, grow your family, and become a mother, you’ve likely also been caught by surprise, by:

  • Those days where you can barely fit in eating, sleeping, getting dressed, or having a cuppa….

  • Those days where you feel like you’re not doing good enough as a mother- maybe you saw how happy or together another mum looked or social media. Or maybe you’re having a tough day and finding it hard to settle baby.

  • Those days where you’re so tired that you feel like bruised fruit.

  • The days where you’re frustrated as your partner doesn’t seem to get it or see what needs to be done.

  • The days where you feel overwhelmed, alone, or stretched to your limit.

Making the transition to motherhood can be both wonderful and VERY challenging. Having good support in this period of your life is important, but not everyone has access to this. This is where Transitioning to Motherhood: The Essential Guide to Postpartum Wellbeing comes in. This practical online course covers a range of topics and modules to help you grow into motherhood well, including:

Module 1: Motherhood Expectations

✔️ Reflect on your expectations of motherhood.

✔️ Learn about common motherhood myths and how these
can affect your wellbeing.

✔️ Learn about normal postpartum experiences.

✔️ Learn about symptoms of postnatal distress.

Module 2: Physical Wellbeing

✔️ Taking care of your body takes care of your mind and emotions.

✔️ This module covers creative ways to take care of your physical wellbeing (such as eating and sleeping) whilst you care for baby.

Module 3: Building Support

✔️  Reflect on your barriers to accepting help.

✔️   Learn how to shape offers of help, ask for help, and outsource help.

 Module 4: Building Resilience

✔️ Learn how to manage negative thoughts mums often experience.

✔️  Learn how to manage difficult feelings, like stress and mum guilt.

✔️  Learn how to increase positive feelings in your daily life.

 Module 5: Building Connection

✔️ Learn skills to bond with baby.

✔️ Learn how to navigate the relationship changes with
your significant other.

Module 6: Finding Your Own Way As a Mother

✔️  Find your own way as a mother.

✔️ Step back from comparing yourself to other mums.

✔️ Manage the unwanted advice from others.

✔️ Develop your caregiving style.

Who this program is for:

  • Pregnant or expecting mothers who want to prepare for motherhood

  • First time mums who want to transition to motherhood well and build confidence in yourself as a


  • Mothers who want to enhance their wellbeing after birth

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