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Spotzlight Press Release April 2022

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Have you encountered discrimination in the workplace due to being a mother? Has your employer capped your career opportunities because you’re pregnant? Many women in the Spotz community have experienced this first-hand, so we are making it our mission to do everything we can to ensure no woman need endure such discrimination again.

In Australia, mothers are discriminated against in all facets of life. Besides continual reports that women have not received appropriate salary or conditions, or have been overlooked for further training or travel opportunities due to pregnancy, others have revealed they’ve been unable to secure basic housing due to their status as a single mother. This is maternal discrimination.

A survey of 2,000 women conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission found that 49% of Australian mothers experienced discrimination in the workplace during pregnancy, while on parental leave or upon their return to work. With 1 in 2 women suffering the consequences of unfair treatment first-hand, it’s clear to see that while motherhood is the most important job in the world, it is also the most undervalued.

At Spotz, we want to stop the discrimination once and for all. That’s why we’re launching Spotzlight – a campaign collecting testimonies from mothers across Australia who have endured discrimination on the basis of their desire to be a mother, or their existing status as a mother.

We want to share your story broadly. For many of us, it is motherhood that has gifted us with the grit, determination, strength and willpower to endure hardship, so we won’t stop until the discrimination ends. But to achieve this, we need a few minutes of your time.

Send us your testimony today, and we’ll build a community of like-minded people with the purpose of creating real and purposeful change for mothers right across Australia.

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