Mum to Be | Wholefoods | Double Chocolate Smoothie Mix | Hydration Blend | Collagen Bars

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Mum to Be

  • Do you want to give an expecting mother something incredible!
  • Give the gift of nutrition, this amazing powerful combination will help increase and maintain the energy needed to have a better pregnancy to birthing & breastfeeding experience.
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Mum to Be

  • Save $10 with our Mum to be Bundle.
  • Click the Mum to be bundle if you are wanting a powerful combination of wholefoods that encourage a womens body, brain and energy to preform at its best.
  • We want your pregnancy and birthing experience to be positive and joyful.
  • Feel the difference and taste the goodness with our Double chocolate powerful lactation smoothie and ChocNut collagen bars that deliver an abundance of nutrients!
  • Build that stash Mumma????
  • Ohh and did you know Mummalyte will deliver hydration at a cellular level, replenishing the energy you have lost? It does that!
  • Our Mum to be Bundle is equipped to provide you with everything you need in the lead up to your beautiful baby’s birth & beyond .

Our Mum to be Bundle Includes:

  • 1x 336g Double Choc Smoothie
  • 1x 218g Mummalyte – Hydration Blend
  • 12x 35g Collagen Mumma Bars