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Why We Love Montessori Education

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Choosing where your child is educated is a huge decision, and as a parent, all the choices can be overwhelming. When it came time to consider schooling for my sons, Charly and Auguste, I was drawn to the Montessori way of learning, which believes that your child learns best at their own pace and by exercising their own choice. I felt that it would put their best foot forward, with a focus on providing learning experiences that promote their sense of belonging, confidence, independence and agency. Of course, schools that are not categorised as Montessori can also employ these principles.

What are the Montessori principles?

This method of teaching and learning is based on letting children learn from the world around them. It hinges on scientific observations about how children learn as they progress from birth to adulthood. Children are heavily impacted by their surroundings and absorb information from them. When the child’s surroundings offer learning opportunities, they are very likely to teach themselves. The Montessori method offers teaching principles that establish an excellent space for kids to learn. Those methods include respect for the child, the existence of sensitive periods, an absorbent mind, a prepared environment, etc.

Montessori schools in Sydney

As for my boys, I chose Sydney’s Montessori Works. Their environment has been prepared to pique their interest so that each child engages in activities. I love that they also include music and culture, art and craft, academic, physical and practical skills.
We’re lucky to have so many Montessori school options here in Sydney! For a full list of the schools available in Australia, click here.

Resources for kids and parents

If you’re interested in Montessori education for your child or want to introduce it to them from home, there are lots of great resources out there. From behaviour to routine to books, there are ways you can incorporate Montessori teaching into your parenting and your child’s learning.

Montessori toys

Play and exploration are a big part of the Montessori method, which is why you’ve likely seen toys that are created with Montessori learning in mind. Toys should promote the child to hold, touch and manipulate in order to help develop fine motor skills. They should also be used independently by the child in order to allow them to explore the toy at their own pace and spark creativity. If you’re looking for more information and recommendations for Montessori toys, check out this article.

For toys that stimulate your child’s creativity and learning, check out the Spotz shop: we currently carry excellent educational toys from Palette Baby that are great quality and highly engaging. Plus, when you shop in the Spotz Shop you’ll be supporting other mums and their small businesses. Montessori Australia also has a great range of Montessori toys that you can purchase in their online store.

Podcasts on Montessori education for kids

If you’re looking for more information about Montessori, but are short on time, we recommend checking out The Montessori Notebook Podcast with Simone Davies. It includes conversations around how to bring Montessori into your daily life, answers questions from real families, and discusses an authentic approach to parenting. We particularly love episode two from season one: “All About Montessori as a Working Parent.”

More from Spotz

At Spotz, we’re committed to providing helpful resources to working parents who are short on time but looking for the best options for their children. Take a look at our blog for more inspiring conversations and check out the Spotz Shop to find items you need, while supporting women-led small businesses from your community.

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