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Ten tips to make your home more sustainable without it draining your finances or your sanity!

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We have ten great tips on how to make your home more sustainable that you can start to implement right now.

We hear it every day; we need to make a change, and yet between work and the kids and school pick drop off and pick up and making sure there is enough food in the fridge, and the dog is walked, sustainability seems to really dwindle down the list.


That is why we have some easy tips that you can do right now and keep your sanity!


1.     Start composting.  Simply collect your kitchen fruit and veggie scraps, including eggshells, coffee grinds and tea leaves, in a covered bucket on the bench and dispose of them in a compost bin in your garden.  You can find a variety of styles at your local hardware, OR why not have a fun weekend project with the kids and make your own?

2.     Replace your lightbulbs as required with energy-efficient bulbs or halogen.  Not only do they cost less to run, but they last a lot longer!

3.     Replace day to day domestic cleaning solutions with natural alternatives. Products like vinegar, citric acid and bicarbonate of soda are great alternatives to caustic chemicals and can be used with just the same great results.  This also goes for body soaps.  Gentle on the skin and our environment, we have a beautiful range of soaps and bath bombs for the whole family!

4.     Use kids lunch boxes that encourage less use of plastic.  Boxes with small compartments are great to add handfuls of crackers, cheese and fruits, while small pots are a fabulous alternative to single-serve yoghurt tubs and pouches. And replace your plastic wrap with beeswax sheets and reusable zip lock bags.

5.     Drop the pod!  If you aren’t collecting your coffee pods and returning to your retailer, or using reusable steel pods, then start now or drop it!  Coffee pods are a menace so if your pods aren’t recyclable or reusable, change machines!

6.     Encourage the kids to collect recyclable bottles, collecting the money upon return.  Perhaps set a goal to work on and track your progress!

7.     Buy recycled.  Look out for products using recycled plastics and paper and support them.  If there is a recycled option- grab it! Check out our range of Eco-friendly toothbrushes while you are at it!  Jump on the TerraCycle website and support companies that sell products that can be recycled.  Colgate, have a return your toothbrush campaign, while you can collect all your scrunchable plastics and return to Redcycle.

8.     Use reusable options.  These days there are so many options to single use and our reusable bamboo make up remover pads are a great example!

9.     Be a clever cook.  Plan your groceries for the week ahead to avoid food wastage AND over buying.

Stop buying bottled water! There is a plethora of options on the market for carrying cold water on the go.  From insulated bottles to bottles with inbuilt filters. Even at home you can do your bit with whole-house, under sink, tap or jug filters.  A water filter not only saves time and money, but it has a huge impact helping to reduce vast quantities of single-use plastics ending up in our landfills.

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