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Bio DoUgh Samplers

Need party bag ideas? Squish in a little creative flair with our awesome Bio Dough Samplers!

  • Natural and safe
  • Made from food grade ingredients
  • All natural elements are sourced from certified Australian suppliers
  • Made in Australia
  • Developed by Food Scientists to achieve an incredibly soft and malleable texture (can’t make dough this soft at home)
  • Rehydratable – a few drops of water and it’s like new again
  • Hours and hours of imaginative play
  • Add a pop of colour at your child’s next party with these party bag fillers.
  • Our Bio Dough Samplers are the ideal healthy.
  • wholesome alternative to share with your party guests! Fun, bright and deliciously scented – each sampler is the perfect treat to
  • wow your little post-party goers, minus the sugar high!
  • Each Sampler contains;
  • 125g of one colour of Natural Modelling Bio Dough
  • 9 bright and fun colours with equally smell-good scents!
  • White – Smells just like the coconut frosting on mumma’s fresh baked cupcakes.
  • Pink – Sugary puffs of fairy floss under the string lights! Oh, take me to the fair!
  • Red – Sweet like sun-ripened strawberries in the summertime!
  • Orange – Juicy, juicy oranges! Yummm!
  • Yellow – Mmm… Pineapple, tangy and golden!
  • Green – Refreshing and zingy – like a lime popsicle!
  • Blue – Roly-poly blueberries are the funnest!
  • Purple – When I wander through Grandma’s garden, I smell lavender!
  • Black – No nasty thorns… just the scent of blackberry forever!
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Bio DoUgh Samplers

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