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All Natural Soap, Scrubs, Bath Bombs & Bath Milks

The Perfect Place to Shop Online for Luxury Soap & Scrubs

At Spotz, we bring you all the best body oils and body balm available. From cleansing balm to the best lotion for dried skin and all skin types, there is something to complete the skin care routine of every mum and woman in our community. As an independent seller’s marketplace, we showcase a wide range of products you won’t find in bricks and mortar stores. Whether it’s a luscious body scrub, natural oils for skin, or a bath milk to leave your skin feeling soft and supple, we know you’ll find the perfect self-love gift in the Spotz marketplace.

The Best Scrubs and Bath Bombs

All mums and women should have access to the best quality scrubs when it comes to body care products. Our eco-friendly scrubs are made with love and promote natural ingredients that will make your skin glow. With a huge collection of natural skincare products and a wide variety of luxury soap and bath milks available, Spotz caters to every woman’s beauty regime and self-care needs. From a decadent shower oil to the best bath bombs, these self-love products will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated after your shower.

Why Buy from Spotz?

Our unique selection of soaps and scrubs are made with love by creative and entrepreneurial mums, for mums. We are a platform that empowers female makers, entrepreneurs and designers and connects a community of small business owners and creators. We are dedicated to empowering mums in business to be creative, supportive and exchanging ideas within the community.  Spotz is all about supporting each other, and that is why we donate a percentage of our profits to charities supporting women in need all over Australia. Every purchase you make through our marketplace will go into supporting chosen charities by our Spotz community.

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