PMS & Cramps Moonbox

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Your perfect Moonbox if you suffer from PMS, pain or cramps.

When it comes to PMS you’re looking at an imbalance between the hormones estrogen and progesterone, most commonly where estrogen is more dominant. This imbalance is caused by factors such as inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, poor clearance of estrogen, environmental toxins and inadequate levels of progesterone.

The best way to address these factors and combat PMS is with a holistic approach. This Moonbox will support you in keeping your hormones balanced and menstrual cycle healthy & symptom-free all month long.

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What’s Inside

Lunas Gold

Delicious golden latte & powerful infusion of adaptogens used to support hormones, mood, energy & libido.

Lunas Lover

Decadent hot chocolate with raw cacao & adaptogens like ashwagandha & Reishi that target imbalances & the effects of stress.

Full Moon Tea

A blend of herbs & florals beneficial for every woman & her cycle, enhancing reproductive health & daily balance.


Moon Boost

Magnesium Chloride oil, the essential mineral for hormones, healthy periods, sleep & stress.

Hemp, chia & sesame seeds: the essential protein, fatty acids & fibre for healthy periods sprinkled onto any meal!

Moon Eaze

Therapeutic grade, certified organic essential oil roller for uplifting moods and soothing discomforts.


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