Moon Boost – Magnesium Spray 125ml

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If there is one “must-have” product for healthier cycles, this is it. Give yourself a high-quality boost of magnesium and in turn boost your moods, energy, sleep and cycle experience. Known as the “magic period mineral”, magnesium chloride is a safe and effective way to supplement with magnesium and has a high absorption rate compared to other supplements. Because it is absorbed by the skin, it bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, with no digestive upset or laxative side effects. The beauty with Moon Boost is that a couple of sprays goes a long way so for those of you who don’t like swallowing tablets, you’re welcome, Moon Boost is your new best friend!

Magnesium deficiency is very common and may reveal itself as: cramps, PMS, anxiety, poor sleep, headaches, sugar cravings and muscle fatigue.

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100% Ultra-pure and highly concentrated magnesium chloride.

How to Use Moon Boost

Spray directly onto your tummy or area of concern and rub into your skin. Start with two sprays per day & increase gradually up to 8 sprays morning & night. Leave it on the skin for maximum absorption, or wipe off after 20 minutes. You may feel slight tingling at first which indicates magnesium deficiency. If you do, start with two sprays and work your way up. As your magnesium levels increase the tingles will disappear. 8 sprays deliver around 100 mg of elemental magnesium on the skin.


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