Kawayan Toothbrush

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Kawayan Toothbrush

  • Help yourself, or others go zero waste with oral hygiene.
  • Our biodegradable bamboo toothbrush is an eco-friendly way to brush your teeth.
  • The handles are made from 100% biodegradable and environmentally sustainable bamboo.
  • The bristles are made from nylon which aren’t compostable but can be recycled. The bare bamboo handle can then be composted and will safely return to the soil.
  • We dispose over 30 million plastic toothbrushes every year in Australia alone straight into landfill choking our planet and ending up in our rivers and oceans harming marine life.
  • Turtles are greatly impacted by plastic in the ocean as it looks like food to them so we all need to take action.
  • Ditch the plastic toothbrushes and convert your bathroom to zero waste today!
  • Rinse brush before and after use and allow to dry. Replace every three months and keep in an open-air toothbrush holder or any other dry area.
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