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The spiritual meaning of Onyx is that it is the “Gem of Saturn.” Saturn is the planet of Karma, which is the ruler of the universal law of cause and effect.Every effect you see in your outside or “physical” world has been triggered by a particular cause, created by your mental or inner world.

Every thought, word, or action of you (the “cause”), has set into motion a specific series of manifestations that have materialized into your reality over time, called the “effect.”The energy you put in is the energy you will receive in return, “good” or “bad.”

That is the concept of Karma.

There is a lot of protective energy within black stones because there is no light within them.This protection will shield your aura from any negative energy surrounding you, particularly from those energy vampires, who always seem to drain you. It’s able to absorb this energy and transmute it into the Earth’s energy.

This piece is handmade using  Onyx from Mexico, a double point terminator in high quality brass.

No nickel
No lead


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