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New Moon Ritual Bath Tea Bag

  •  Manifest
  • Growth
  • Transform
  • When the moon goes dark, about to grow again it brings with it a powerful shift of transformational energy.
  • The New Moon is a time to set our intentions & plant the seeds to manifest our deepest desires.
  • It is a time to transform & grow into who & what our soul needs.
  • An entrancing ritual bath bag filled with the most sacred New Moon herbs.
  • Each herb within this bath bag has been specifically chosen for its energy.
  • You can use this Bath Tea Bag in the bath or shower or even a foot bath.
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New Moon Ritual Bath Tea Bag

The magical energy of each herb is described below 

Lavender – New Moon energy can be incredibly powerful, lavender works to soften this energy and work to promote soft calming loving energy as you delve deep into your soul.

Blue Cornflower – brings a thunderous energy of Transformation, Blue Cornflower has been magically associated with enhancing the third eye vision, and is a powerful alley in helping to bring what your soul requires to the surface.

Lemon Balm – Associated with the New Moon, Lemon Balm offers us a motherly hug, it is renowned for its emotional support. Transformation is never an easy process, it is quite often although exciting, rather emotional, this is where the energy of Lemon Balm infuses her magic and lights up the darkness.

Sage – incredibly spiritual and cleansing, sage helps to wash away everything we no longer require as we step into this new phase of growth.

Mugwort – One of the most highly prized herbs for intuitive messages is Mugwort, it has strong physic energy and can help enlighten truths in ones mind eye, associated with the Mother Crone she brings wisdom, visualisation and observation, a powerful tool in transformation and growth.

Rosemary – Incredibly grounding and protective is that of Rosemary. Rosemary offers us spiritual protection as we turn inwards converse with our soul & bring our desires to light.

Size – 30g