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Merino Wool Bonnet & Booties

  •  Once knitted by grandparents for their grandbabies, baby bonnet & baby booties sets were all but ready to disappear into the fashion graveyard.
  • Thanks to their vintage charm and timeless ability to coordinate a wardrobe, baby bonnets & baby booties are making a special comeback and they’re bringing with them, their own unique, statement about modern style.
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Merino Wool Bonnet & Booties

  • Not to lose their handmade quality, our baby bonnet & baby booties sets are handknit using 100% merino wool and just like grandma’s very own baby bonnets and baby booties sets, with a little care, these unique baby bonnet and baby booties sets will last a lifetime.
  • Baby bonnets and baby booties can be used for warmth in winter, to add a touch of ‘love’ to an outfit for special occasion or as a styling accessory for a baby’s photo shoot.
  • Designed to fit 0-6 months, these baby bonnets & baby booties make wonderful gift sets for baby showers and newborns and are a popular styling piece for announcement photos and newborn photography.
  • Available in a range of colours,
  • You can mix and match our baby bonnets and baby booties to just about any outfit for any occasion.
  • Super soft, made from natural, replenishable merino wool our baby booties and baby bonnets are the perfect keepsake for any little one.

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Ivory, Grey, Bronze, Blue, Pink