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Colorful Art Earrings

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Art Earrings all created in Brisbane and the original art work painted by Sarah CK Art.

The person behind Sarah CK Art is artist Carina Kaercher. Originally born and raised in South Germany, not far from Stuttgart.

She always had a love and passion for colours but didn’t discover her talent until she hit rock bottom in 2015 after a dramatic relationship break down.

“I just woke up one night and had this picture in my head, grabbed a brush, and since then I’ve been painting and people have been asking to buy my art work and have invited me to exhibitions. It’s crazy” she said.

Carina now spends her time living between Brisbane QLD and Tasmania. As a lover of the heat in QLD and the picturesque beauty of the Tasmanian landscape. So much so she purchased her first home in Newstead, just outside of Launceston.

“First I was embarrassed because I had no idea it was possible to feel that unwell. It was an eye opener.”

“I thought, why should I hide it? Why shouldn’t I tell other people and motivate them to keep going through the hard times and even seek professional help it need be”

Carina’s passion is wildlife, travelling and creating.


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