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Reusable Sandwich Bags – Pineapples


  • Our reusable sinchies sandwich bags are bigger and better than before!
  • They are available in 5 different designs to match your favourite spout pouch prints: gold pineapples, lightning bolts, trucks, unicorns and plain (decorate these with Sinchies vinyl stickers).

Width: 20cm
Height: 20cm

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Reusable Sand

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Weight 0.006 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 cm

My idea for these reusable sandwich bags was to replace the mountains of glad bags that get thrown out daily and end up in landfill. These Sinchies reusable sandwich bags will help reduce waste while saving you money on the disposable bags!

Like the rest of the Sinchies range these are versatile little beauties and the uses are endless! Don’t limit them to just the one thing – why not use them for storing snacks, lefts over dinners, crackers, frozen fruit for smoothies or use them as a wet bag!

  • Featuring thick durable plastic, they are strong and sturdy & moisture resistant
  • These reusable sandwich bags have a ziplock top making them airtight so your sandwiches or snacks stay as fresh as can be
  • These are clear so you can easily see the contents (& don’t forget great for cleaning too as you can see any bits left stuck inside)

Using your pouches

  • Washing your pouches is a cinch with warm soapy water and one of our cleaning brushes – these have bristles all the way around to ensure you get right down to the bottom of the pouch. Equiped with a smaller brush the other end, this is perfect for the spout and any little nooks and crannies.
  • Dry your Sinchies using one of our drying racks – designed by Sam and her dad specifically for drying reusable pouches. But like all our products this is versatile and can hold drink bottles & baby bottles. Or some customers like to wash their pouches out, shake out the excess water and put them straight into the freezer to snap lock the freshness.
  • Freezer safe, free from BPA, Phthalate and PVC, these ‘on the run’ food pouches are handy and easy to use.

For more ways to use your Sinchies and for Hints and Tips click here.

Designed in Australia and made in China

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