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Online Advertising: The Fundamentals

Finding Balance: Juggling your Online Commerce with your ‘Normal’ Job

Online Advertising: The Fundamentals

If you want to do business online, the reality is that you’ll probably have to do some advertising. This guide will show you how you can do it!

Advertising is ultimately the art of passing information – effective advertising tells customers something that they didn’t know before they heard your ad: that they want your product! Ads that engage people, catch their intention, and have a core of useful information allow businesses all over the world connect to customers, and make sales happen. Your business is no different – ads work!

Here’s what you can do:

Target the Right Audience

Know who you want to sell to, your ‘target market’. Once you’ve identified who you want to sell products to, you’ll be able to craft ads that speak in their language. Different types of people expect different things from advertisements, and it’s important to meet their expectations, and persuade them on their terms why they need to visit your shop. This means using appropriate language, colours, photos and cultural references.

Have a strong ‘Call to Action’

A call to action is a simple instruction to your target audience: ‘Call Today!’, ‘Buy Now!’, ‘Let us Help You!’. Essentially, calls to action extend an offer once you have explained your product, and give the audience a nudge to act on it. Calls to action work – and are best placed at the end of your ad.

Try out new things with online advertising!

Digital ads are unique because of how specialized they can be in their form. In the real world, billboards and TV ads follow fairly straightforward formats. Online advertising, on the other hand, can be specifically targeted to smaller, niche groups – rather than having one ad that tries to appeal to all, it’s possible online to have 10 ads that appeal to 10 smaller groups.

Often, this is way more effective, because those groups might actually enjoy your ad.

Take Measurements

Experimenting with your online advertising is important, and it’s just as important to measure what types of ads and content deliver more sales to your business, and which don’t. Ad platforms provide these analytics services as part of their ad campaigns – use them!

They will make your ad campaigns much, much more effective.

Ultimately, online advertising is about building awareness, and giving potential customers the information that they need to make a decision about buying from you. Once you’ve given this information to potential customers, and they’re ready to make a decision, it’s time to close that sale – or as they’re known in the world of digital advertising, “conversions”.

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