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Ocean Moon Sand

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This ocean-themed sensory play is seriously easy, seriously fun, but oh-so-messy! This author’s 12 month old
loved scrunching this up in her hands, passing it through her fingers and. yes, throwing it on the floor!
 2 cups plain flour
 1/4 cup coconut oil or baby oil
 1 tsp of oil-based blue food colouring
 A mixing container
 Some ocean props. I couldn’t look past these cute rubber ocean creatures and some shells
NB – careful with shells, anything too delicate or small enough to present a choke hazard with your tiny ones.

 Add your flour to your tray
 Melt your coconut oil and food colouring together. Avoid using the microwave for this – the insides will
never not be blue again!
 Mix it all together, a bit like making an apple crumble. Older kids will love to “help” with this!
 “Decorate” with ocean props. Or you know, whatever different shapes and textures you have lying
around. Blocks, plastic spoons, large pebbles… they all work!
 Let those eager little hands smoosh, sift, crunch and yes, probably throw… Meanwhile, sit back and try
your very best to be “chill” about the mess that unfolds. The smiles and giggles on your baby’s face will
make it somewhat easier to forget about the tidy up that follows!

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