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How can we expect things to change if we aren’t gathering together?

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How can we expect things to change if we aren’t gathering together?

Creating a “mumism” movement

If feminism is a movement which aims to further the opportunities of women, ‘mumism’ is the new and improved version, connecting women and mothers for the purpose of impacting policy makers to create a better future for women today. 

Before becoming a mum, I was well aware of the crisis afflicting our society, the environment, education system and healthcare system; however, I was totally clueless to the crisis involving motherhood.

 I was heavily pregnant when my manager at the time asked that I keep travelling until 36 weeks of pregnancy, pressuring me to request a certificate from my GP stating that it was safe to go beyond the 28-week safe flying guidelines dictated by the airlines. When I showed reluctance to do this, I was threatened. That’s when I woke up. That’s when I said “no”. 

When I returned from maternity leave, I was told that my career was in “hibernation”: this was why I “didn’t deserve” a promotion or pay rise, despite already earning 30K less than my husband for the same role in the same company. It was madness. 

But this experience and more inspired a vision: a vision based on the idea that women and mums should have better opportunities in their work lives, and should be given a platform to support each other exclusively. That’s how my business came to life. 

Spotz is a mum-to-mum community website and marketplace giving women and mothers a platform to be heard, to be empowered and to be independent.


The statistics are striking

The State of Motherhood in Australia report by Katrina McCarter reflects the view of 400 mothers just like me. The report reveals that:

  • 1 in 2 pregnant women experience workplace discrimination; 
  • 58% of mothers feel a strong sense of failure in their first year of motherhood;
  • 40% of mothers think their mental health has declined since becoming a mother;
  • 1 in 7 women are diagnosed with postnatal depression every year in Australia;
  • 63% of mothers believe society does not do a good job at understanding and supporting mums.

And with everything women are expected to juggle during motherhood, it’s no wonder that 97% of Millennial mothers in 2020 reported feeling burned out by motherhood at least part of the time (2020 Motherly survey).

One mother interviewed by McCarter said, “When you become a mother, the expectation to still function as you used to, do all that you used to, be the same as you used to is insane and unrealistic. There’s no acknowledgement, support or understanding of women stepping into motherhood,” she said.

But how do we change this for future mums to benefit? Is it even possible? 

We can change these statistics for a better future if we gather our crew today, and that’s where Spotz comes into play.

We know the problems better than anyone else

Talking to other mothers about my experiences revealed something that took a great weight off my shoulders: every mum experiences the same challenges. Though it may feel like it, we are not alone – even in our most stressful moments.  

As it turned out, many of my friends had experienced similar issues in the workplace since becoming a mum: discrimination, post-partum depression, concerns about their career paths, children and much more.

Despite living in a developed country, issues such as these are treated as ‘the norm’ in our society, which is perpetuated by a ‘just get on with it’ attitude. That is why I believe it is up to us to raise our voice, make known our concerns, and push for change.

Together we are stronger

Feminism kicked off more than a century ago, which led to women earning the right to work, vote and drive (among other societal improvements). But while the feminism movement brought about great change, it is the ‘mumism’ movement that is most deserving of our immediate attention.

Mothers represent ¼ of the Australian population, so we need to start shaking things to have an impact on the policy makers who hold all the power in determining vital issues affecting mums like you and I.

So where do we start?

Let’s channel our frustrations into something positive. Let’s create a sustainable solution. Let’s look to Spotz as our gateway for making change.

Spotz is a purposeful platform that allows mums to form a community. Our ecommerce platform is a mum-to-mum marketplace giving mothers the opportunity to sell their products or services to a supportive group of women. 

Women will find empowerment in earning money independently within the Spotz marketplace, and show their support of other small businesses in the marketplace by buying a product from a vendor mum. 

We are creating a more mum-friendly society, but this is just the beginning.

I want women to express their needs to the ‘people up top’, uniting behind common causes to eventually influence policy makers. I want to give women more opportunities to harness their true power and purpose. Spotz is my way of achieving this – for myself and all other women.

Together let’s make a difference. Let’s build a ‘mumism’ movement that pushes society to consider what ¼ of the Australian population brings to the table, acknowledge our value, and reward us accordingly.


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