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Does your little one love to put things in and out of boxes? Then this craft is for you! This egg box aquarium is really easy – and can be as simple as ornate as you like.


  • An old egg carton, I find a 6 egg box works best (but go for 12 if you’re feeling ambitious!)
  • Some extra cardboard (I used the side panel from a box of nappies)
  • Some non-toxic poster paints
  • Black biro or pencil
  • Kitchen string or twine
  • Some scissors (for mum, not bub!)
  • Some extra props, if you want to go really fancy! Shells, little ocean creatures, painted pebbles – anything sensory and ocean-themed

NB – careful with shells, anything too delicate or small enough to present a choke hazard with your tiny ones.



  • Draw any ocean scene you fancy in pen or pencil on the inside lid of your box – you skip this if you’re a dab hand with a paint brush!
  • Paint in your scene. For a perfect finish, do two coats, but bubs probably won’t mind if you just do one!
  • Whilst this is drying, draw out some extra fishy creatures on your cardboard and paint them in.
  • Once dry, cut your ‘extras’ out and add to your aquarium. Add whatever other ocean props you’d like. .
  • For bonus fun, make a string anemone or seaweed! Just paint some short bits of string, and glue to the bottom of one of the recesses. It’s a wonderful sensory addition, and totally on-theme!
  • For an added twist, you can also paint your child’s name on the front lid of the egg box, making this extra inviting to play and giving them a sense over their mini ‘ocean in a box’
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