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Baby Jersey Wrap & Beanie Set

  • Wrapping your new born snuggly, can help settle your child to sleep and encourage your baby to wake less often.
  • The comfort provided by the warmth and light pressure of wrapping your child, can mimic the sensation of being snuggly in the womb.
  • This can bring a sense of safety and comfort to your child and aid in soothing them.
  • Jersey wraps provide all the benefits of wrapping your child with stretch for a little extra snuggle.
  • Warm enough to provide comfort but light enough to not over heat your child, a baby jersey wrap can help your baby feel secure while sleeping.
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Baby Jersey Wrap & Beanie Set

  • Baby Jersey Wrap & Beanie SetMade from 100% quality cotton jersey and printed in a range of unique colours and prints exclusive to Snuggle Hunny Kids, our jersey wraps are 100cm x 100cm and come with matching headwear.
  • Ideal for wrapping your baby in a swaddle, using as a blanket for the cot/bassinet, a cover over the pram when out and about, a nursing shield or as a snuggly blankie, jersey wraps are versatile, durable and one of the most used items in the life of a newborn.
  • A baby jersey wrap would make the perfect gift for a new baby or an expecting mum.
  • Easy care, baby jersey wraps by Snuggle Hunny Kids are machine washable, on a cold gentle cycle, and require no ironing.

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